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Creative Ways to Personalize Email Campaigns


It is a well known fact that personalization can generate amazingly big wins in email marketing. This points out that personalized Email messages have great impact on your overall Email campaign efforts. Sending the right message to the right subscriber at the right time can result what you actually target from your Email campaigns, because personalized email newsletters really work wonders for your brands. Even though the benefits are obvious, marketers are still struggling to introduce personalization into their campaigns. Personalization in email campaigns may range from simply greeting customers by name to tailoring email content to effectively meet the needs and interests of individual customers. Personalized email messages generate six times more transaction rates and revenue, than emails that were not personalized. Here are some great tips that help you to add personal touch to your email communications.


Sender’s Name

The “From,” or sender name, is the inbox field that tells your recipient who has sent them the messages. In Email marketing, some marketers use company name, while others a brand, publication, name of a person or simply use an email address. When sending Email campaigns, it is better to use the name of the sender instead of the company name. This is said to be the more reliable way to begin creating a more personal experience for your email recipients. In addition, consider adding photo and email signature to the body of the email to show that it is from an actual human.


Name of Recipients

Always remember to use the name of recipients in Email messages. By using the name of a subscriber, in place of the usual salutation“Dear Customer”, can generate a good long way in bringing forth a friendly, familiar tone to your Email campaigns. Most Email Service providers recommend you to customize email messages with a first name. So, in your Email list, if there is an individual, you should give preference to refer him by his first name. Moreover, the usage of recipient’s name first, in the subject line is also found to be very effective in bringing out engagements.


Relevant Emails

Relevant emails generate more revenue than broadcast emails. However, what is relevant to one of your readers would not be relevant to the other, because the needs and wants could be entirely different from person to person. So, design and use an Email software which can collect the data needed to personalize and craft email campaigns toward what your subscribers want to know about. This is an ideal way to tempt your subscribers enough to purchase from your end. Collection of right information will enable you to direct your subscribers for products and services that they actually want.


Right Email Software

If you are practicing on a generally usable software system, it doesn’t have much options to support you in your personalization efforts. Then it is time for you to upgrade your email marketing software, which can help in your whole personalization efforts. The software will have integrations, as well as the options to easily add dynamic content right to the builder. This enables you to create several versions of the email for different sets of customers with respect to your knowledge about them. It also permits you to choose the lists or segments, which in particular can be the part of the email.


Target Specific Needs

For sending personalized Email campaigns you can either create new content or modify the existing, for addressing the specific requirements and problems of your various marketing personals. Consider the fact that the problem of one person might not be the problem of the other. So, with a personalized approach for targeting a specific group of prospects, you can address their problem by creating a more personalized and valuable content relevant to that particular group. You can also personalize the messages of your separate email with the language by which a particular group generally uses to respond.


Email Automation

Many email marketing platforms already have built-in automation features. Automated emails enable you to communicate with the right person with the right message at the right time. And they are proven to be successful tools for boosting conversions too. Automated transactional Emails have more opens and clicks than any other type of Email, as they can generate more revenue. When customers make a purchase, Email automation enables you to send an Email acknowledgement, thanking the customer for his active participation in the deal.



Personalization can highlight positive feelings among your customers, while you get an apt chance to establish relationship and attraction between customers and your brand. Positive feelings tempt them more likely to think about your company and move along with it favorably. Personalization can also bring forth more purchases and conversions, because you are using personalization techniques to send relevant content to the right person at the right time. Even though, it is a bit tough to get it started, and to run it smoothly, the outcome of the same will be more than the overall effort rendered.



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