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Emotional Triggers that Help Email Campaigns


In Email marketing campaigns, the emails being sent must have the potential to generate conversion among viewers. So, you must be able to consider the emotions of consumers when crafting email messages. This is really a challenging task as far as an Email marketer is concerned. In your effort to carry out result oriented email marketing, you have to build a targeted list, segment it appropriately, and direct work flows as applicable to each and every contacts. In this regard, the only alternative that help you to become a reliable email marketer is to learn the method of using emotional triggers in your Email campaigns. Thus, either your newsletters or email campaigns can reflect the effectiveness of online marketing. Here are some emotional triggers that help you to write impressive emails that result conversions followed by sales.


Nowadays, trust is one of the favorable trends in Email marketing. So, by contrast, many marketers use trust as part of their email marketing campaign and tries their best to reflect feeling of trust in their marketing messages. Once customers started believing you, they will decide to buy from you repeatedly, with minimal psychological effect. To build up trust you must be able to exhibit your transparency through your messages. Thus you can establish brand advocacy, apart from enhancing your trust among customers. You can also improve your trust by displaying testimonials.


Belonging is the emotion which needs by your brand in high volume. Most people show strong desire to belong to something, such as a family, a group, a gang, a clan, a family or a social network. This is human nature and absolutely natural. That is why, customers often purchase services as well as goods and show a sense of belonging to their chosen things. By doing so, customers believe that they can show their interest in certain group. Today, technology, connectivity and the social web have been offering marketers unique opportunities to come across the need of belonging.


You must be able to create a sense of urgency in your marketing campaigns to bring forth quick conversions. The suitable method to exhibit urgency is to make customers aware about the scarcity of marketing products. If you want to enhance click-through rates on your emails, you need to interact with your customers and make them aware about the limited availability of the products they actually want to purchase. If you want to encourage the call to action from customers, your must be able to make them understand about what they can gain or what you will protect for them, if they do take that action.


Fear is a common emotional behavior which can be used in a wide range of marketing messages. It has the quality to motivate customers than any other emotional triggers. But you must be very careful while using the message in such a way to generate fear in your campaign. By offering right promise to the right viewers, you can collect a lot of click through rates through transfusing fear into your readers. Suppose, if the viewers are in an effort to utilize their time, money and energy to protect their family from a disaster, then the email might put them in panic and tempt to take immediate action.


Value is another reliable trend to generate positive result in Email marketing. It can be considered as the judgment about how important is something to us. In every day business, people take buying decisions, based on values and judgments. Many marketing promotions work directly according to the emotional triggers based on value, for carrying out good deal. You can also motivate such deal by displaying the attractive prices of your products, and tempt your customers to make a purchase. Values can integrate personal perceptions and judgments with motives and actions to get desired results.


There are many emotional triggers that you can use to evoke feelings among your target audience and move them to action through your marketing messages designed with emotional triggers. To make this possible, you have to understand your audience, and find out what kind of trigger emotions can influence them to increase your sales and customer service. Application of emotional triggers in your email campaigns requires thorough planning ahead of time. You have to make sure that you know your readers and you are approaching them at the right time with the right product.



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