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Strategies Behind Right Email Marketing Time Zones


Your endeavor to send email at the most appropriate time is highly important as far as your Email campaigns are concerned. It is a well known fact that most well-crafted untimely campaigns are left as unopened by the subscribers. This is the reason why many email marketers utilize significant effort for optimizing their campaign sending times and make sure that their messages reach subscribers when they are eagerly checking their inboxes. It has been found that twenty-three percent of all email opens are occurred within the first hour after their delivery. By seeing the responses received, you can understand that the Email open rates drop by half in the second hour. So, optimizing emails for different time zones is one of the key tasks for email marketers who usually send campaigns to international subscribers. Here are some valuable hands-on tips that are helpful to you in mastering this task.


Know your audience

For sending out email campaigns at appropriate time, it is better to know your audience properly. The first step toward time zone optimization is to understand where your subscribers are located. You can also inform them about the send time and copy writing decisions. Try to collect Geo-location data during the opt-in, or use email analytics to well understand the geographic distribution of your subscribers. By using Geo-location data, you can have a better understanding regarding where your subscribers are based, how many of them are in your each time zone, whether your subscribers are centered in specific parts of the world or spread across a broad range of time zones etc.


Prioritize time zones

If the majority of your audience is based in a single time zone, it can offer you a sense to concentrate your optimization efforts on this region. The number of subscribers is one of the factors that help to prioritize time zone. You may also consider factors related to business such as strategic expansion plans for your targets and average customer value for each region. To prioritize time zones and to send your campaign at a time that fits your most valuable region does not require list segmentation and thus supports marketing teams with limited resources. However, there are possibilities to miss out immediate opens and clicks, especially while sending promotions which are time sensitive.


List segmentation

If your subscribers are spread across a range of time zones and important markets, which are not close to each other, then segmentation of your list will be the best suggestion. For this requirement, you need not create a segment for every time zone on your list. Instead, group subscribers into manageable segments. You may not have got the information on Geo-location for all of your subscribers, when you only track location with email opens, and not during the sign-up process. Most Geo-location analytics are dependent up on a tracking constituent that loads when a subscriber opens your message. So, create a segment and find a send time for all subscribers that lack reliable time zone information.


Manage through ESP

Many email service providers (ESPs) have features to help their customers through their time zone management. Time zone management features can be a vital criterion when choosing an ESP, especially for companies trying to reach subscribers in various time zones, but may not have the resources to handle segmentation themselves. The features of many ESP, allow you to send your email at the same local time for each subscriber. Time zone management in email marketing moves far beyond optimizing and testing send times. They also impact the content of your email, especially when you are sending time-sensitive promotions or announcements that contain dates and times.


Relevant message

If you are segmenting your email list or focusing your efforts on your most important time zone, always make sure your message is relevant to your audience. Lack of time zone empathy can damage your brand reputation, even though it doesn’t miss out on clicks and opens. Being empathic about the time zone of your subscribers is especially important when sending time-sensitive campaigns. The more you stress on timing in your email, the more crucial it becomes to double-check your campaign for time zone conflicts. While stressing on time zones, you must have awareness about the timing of your email meant for subscribers in different time zones.


Set up Expectations

Email is an outstanding way to collect vital feedback from customers, by answering questions, and creating a line of communication between brands and consumers. When sending marketing messages to an international audience, you can adjust your send times to match the time zone of your subscribers. However, your support hours might not always coincide with the business hours of your subscribers, and you might not always be available when your subscribers send you a reply. But when time differences come into play, subscribers might have to wait longer than usual before they can hear back from you. You can consider setting up an auto-responder Email, that reflects your time zone.



If you are well aware about your customers, you can solve the Email marketing time zone problem with great ease. If your subscribers are living in different time zones across the world, it is impossible to send campaigns to everyone when they are awake. By using Time-warp, you can schedule your campaigns to go out at the same time in different time zones. Your campaigns will never reach subscribers in the middle of the night, and you need not send more versions of a campaign just to reach your readers on time. Use these tactics to reach more subscribers at occasions when they are most responsive, and thus increase your opens, clickthroughs and sales!



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