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Trigger Based Email Campaign Types


The effectiveness of well designed trigger based email campaigns are really amazing. In general, triggered emails differ from the typical, bulk messaging campaigns, since the former are initiated from the profile, behavior or preferences of subscribers. Moreover, they are executed at a particular time or date which is fixed in advance by the brand. Thus, they are capable to make vast differences in your overall email marketing efforts. Triggered messages are sent out automatically based on importance or significant events, that are very much related to the actions of your subscribers. These messages can make subscribers feel highly valued, since they are usually received in the form of a welcome email, a greeting mail to wish subscribers on their birthday, or to repurchase an already desired product. Hence, with such triggered marketing campaigns, you can increase retention, acquisition, engagement and up-sell chances.
The commonly used triggered Email campaigns are as follows.


Welcome Email

To establish a powerful customer relationship, you must be able to bring forth a very good first impression. A welcome email is the shortcut to achieve this. You can utilize this very first opportunity to foster engagement and build strong customer relationships by designing and sending an ideal welcome Email. You can also educate your subscribers through the welcome Email on the value of engagement with your brand and provide details on what they can expect from future communications. Remember to include a welcome special offer to help drive conversion. A welcome email from the owner or CEO is a great way to cultivate trust. Remember to explain who you are, and what actually you target with your brand.


On-boarding Emails

On boarding emails are the crucial part of every email campaign. Once a new user is signed up, he may not get time to trial run either your app or service, normally because of his busy schedules. It is very important for you to tempt your first time users to engage. In the beginning, when an user has signed up for your product or service, he will be longing to hear from you and may post some questions about utilizing your services. If the on-boarding messages are done properly, it can provide a little forward thrust to get them started. Thus, the on-boarding emails help you to engage your prospects, find value in your product, and get them into action. These campaigns have the potential to carry out a polite pitching, and educate your subscribers to become interested in your product.


Early Activation Emails

Subscribers who are activated, and not immediately engaged can be motivated by means of early activation emails. In email marketing, the activities related to activation have become a critical factor to bring forth engagement and revenue. The core beauty of the activation campaigns is their ability to entice marketers to be wholly proactive. Expert marketers who implement activation programs can generate recurring revenue and engagement from customers. Early activation campaigns can also identify the truly lost customers, and tempt them to reengage. The less engaged subscribers of your emails, generally lower your sending reputation. That is why more and more brands are launched to activate campaigns, as part of a profitable email marketing strategy.


Reactivation Emails

By sending reactivation Emails, Email marketers can reengage inactive customers. Reactivation campaigns represent highest ROI opportunities in marketing at a reasonably low cost. Early buyers usually click, open and transact at much higher rates than those non-buyers. However, transaction rates for buyers are almost double, when compared to non buyers. Hence, it is always easy to hold back an existing customer than getting a new one. Apart from this, a significant amount of inactive subscribers can effect deliverability and ROI concerns. So, a variety of reactivation tactics can be used by marketers to ensure that their brand gets highlighted from all the marketing noises. An offer which tempts inactive customers, is a strategy employed nowadays by many brands to achieve success.


Re-marketing Emails

In order to get visitors who initiated an order to come back to your website and complete the order, you are required to engage in email re-marketing. The process is used to follow up a website visitor who engages with your website. Email re-marketing has the power to attract customers or users back onto a website. Thus, by sending re-marketing emails, you gather information you already had about your customers and utilize the same to send relevant emails. Re-marketing Emails can get customers back onto a website, from where they used to make purchases. Thus, if you are sending Emails by analyzing the way a customer has made an early purchase, or how they have browsed your site, you can deliver relevant emails to get it opened and clicked, just before effecting sales.


Transactional Emails

Emails sent after a transactions such as order confirmation, password reset, delivery notification etc. are anxiously awaited by customers, and hence, get highest open and click through rates often. Earlier, email marketing was focused heavily on promotional emails like newsletters and offers. But nowadays transactional email has been given an upthrust by mobile as well as web applications that rely on email to deliver notifications, updates and subscriptions. Fundamentally, transactional email has become business critical for application based businesses. It is the interpreter by which they interact with their subscribers to develop their customer base, and bring forth revenue. Thus, the transactional email has become an unavoidable factor for application based businesses.



Marketers would be benefited by introducing more broader and blended Email campaigns which work on the aggregation of triggers to better engage and bring conversion among customers. Although the process requires an investment up front, the foremost part in terms of trigger based email marketing campaigns is that they can be made run on auto-pilot, while generating revenue for your business. You may automate a single part of your total program, enabling you to easily verify and analyze changes in opens, clicks and conversions. As most Email brands have taken steps to create standard trigger based campaigns, it is time to revive and optimize your trigger based Email marketing to generate even more revenue from your email campaign activities.



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